About the platform

The Arab Cultural Center platform is one of the most important platforms that focus on teaching contemporary Arabic to non-native speakers by new methods through a specialized team of experts in curricula, teaching methods and modern administration.

Our vision:

Leadership, distinction and creativity in teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers online, and sustainable growth at the global level.

Our Mission:

Teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers online, through a global curriculum based on international standards for teaching foreign languages which help to spread the Arabic language to learners of all nationalities.

Our goals:

  • Preparing students to be distinguished in the Arabic language according to their fields of specialization, and to become productive in their societies.
  • Developing scientific research and innovation capabilities in areas of national and international importance.
  • Expanding the international accreditation of the platform and its academic programs and enhancing its international reputation.
  • Enhancing the platform’s role in producing and transferring knowledge and skills to serve international communities.
  • Ensure the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency.
  • Establishing a culture of innovation in the platform’s work environment.

Our values:

  • Respect for values, heritage and cultural diversity:
    The platform respects cultural diversity, pluralism and other opinion.
  • Integrity and transparency:
    We adhere to the highest ethical principles, and we pledge to work with integrity and transparency in order to achieve justice and enhance trust and credibility.
  • Teamwork:
    We support each other in our work through cooperation and teamwork, and we value the healthy environment this approach creates.
  • Entrepreneurship and continuous learning:
    We develop the spirit of innovation, initiative and excellence, and we apply the best international practices in the entire platform’s work. We also value the focus on student success and the constant desire for continuous learning and knowledge exchange.
  • Effectiveness of decision-making:
    We are committed to making our decisions and plans based on evidence and analysis, and we are committed to adopting efficient and effective systems and procedures.
  • Effective communication:
    We are committed to activating various communication policies and channels with all concerned groups, employees, students, partners, and the international community.
  • A dedication to knowledge:
    We are committed to achieving global education success and providing scholarships for student education.